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Released April 27, 1996 at Saturne Party '96
ranked #6 in the Demo-Competition

837 kb

--Release Description--

Vertigo was released at the Saturne Party 1996 held in Chelles, some 16km away from Paris, France. Seemed that we were the only foreigners there except some spanish PC-freax. The demo went 6th rank in the Amiga Demo Competition.


Main Coding, flOOveBartman
Bumpmapped glowing string, intro fader, infinity feedback, sphere mapperSpin
Music, Design, Image Processing, Textures, ObjectsPink
'Abyss'- and 'Vertigo'-LogosCyclone



Bumpmapped glowing string Infinity feedback Sphere mapper Twin env-mapping
[1] - Bumpmapped glowing string
[2] - Infinity feedback
[3] - Sphere mapper
[4] - Twin env-mapping


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--Production Description--

Vertigo was especially designed to fit on a single 880kb disk as we wanted people to spread it and store it on harddisk without wasting megabytes for raytraced animations or useless stuff. As always we didn't manage to finish the demo as we wanted to. We wanted to include more objects, texture- and bump-mapping, but time went by and we decided to release the demo nevertheless despite the missing parts. That's also the reason why it might appear as short (compared to other Saturne Party demo competitors) to you.

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip + 2MB Fast--


1 entry

"...most french attenders were utterly suprised when Vertigo by Abyss, which was without doubt the best production of the whole party, was only ranked at the 6th place with a miserable amount of 100 votes; 3 times less than the winning entry...", ROM #7, <no email>

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