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--Klub Diznee--

Klub Diznee #1 84 kb
Klub Diznee #2 147 kb
Klub Diznee #3 93 kb
Klub Diznee #4 368 kb

--Release Description--

Klub Diznee #1 was released at The Party 1996 in Aars, Denmark. It was created because we didn't managed to complete Diznee Land #9 in time.
Klub Diznee #2 was released to publish the entries of the first IRC AHX music competition.
Klub Diznee #3 was released at the end of may97 as the publication of the IRC AHX music compo II (1541 bytes are enough for every musician).
Klub Diznee #4 was released 18-Sep-97 after the IRC AHX music compo 3 (AxelF-Compo).


Code (#1, #4)Dexter
Code (#2, #3), Design (#1)Pink
Graphics (#1)Toxic
Graphics (#2, #3), "Eddie Murphy" (#4)Cyclone
'Abyss'-Logo (#4)Frame/C-Lous
Art Direction (#4)Bartman



Klub Diznee #1 Klub Diznee #2 Klub Diznee #3 Klub Diznee #4
[1] - Klub Diznee #1
[2] - Klub Diznee #2
[3] - Klub Diznee #3
[4] - Klub Diznee #4


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--Production Description--

Klub Diznee #1: The musicdisk features 11 brilliant AHX-chip-tunes made by well-known scene-musicians. If you don't know some of them, it's because they did music rather on C64, not on Amiga. Watch out: The music disk has hidden tunes and a hidden game! If you want to know how to access the secret parts, read the scroller.
Klub Diznee #2: The second edition of Klub Diznee contains 16 tunes gathered from the first IRC AHX competition, over 30 votes have been collected, the results are included in the archive. The composer names have been stripped for voting, so nobody voted a composer but only the musics. The innovative and brilliant design was done by Cyclone and the (minimal) code was done by Pink (due to Dexter's laziness...)
Klub Diznee #3: After the great success of the first IRC AHX compo, Abyss started the next one and to publish the results, Pink put KD3 together in 2 days.
Klub Diznee #4: Dexter had the idea to make a IRC competition where a ll competitors had to convert the "AxelF"-Tune from Beverly Hills Cop to AHX format. The release was kinda delayed due to some coding reasons. Now it works even without fast-mem.

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip1Mb Fast (#4)
HD--some kB


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