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Released August 08, 1994 at Assembly '94
ranked #13 in the 40k-Competition

38 kb

--Release Description--

Artcore was released at Assembly '94 (Helsinki, Finland) and ranked #13 out of 26 in the 40k intro compo. Though I heard many people say that it's kinda cool (remember: AAVS = Anti-Abyss Voting Syndrome)


Design, MusicPink
GraphicsMem'O'Ree, Toxic



Intro part End scroller
[1] - Intro part
[2] - End scroller

--Production Description--

The intro can be called the predecessor to 'Extra'-40k intro released at The Summer Party '96 in Aalborg, Denmark. Screenshot [1] shows the intro part where the picture is faded in using mosaic effect and the text is zoomed. Next is a dot tunnel with a vector ship; it's not that big deal of code, but if you get real close to your monitor, the dot tunnel is one of the most 'grabbing'. Try it for yourself. Later there is the world-famous 'Triple Sined Schweinskopf-Stretcher' (well it's not that big) and a tunnel/street like seen before in Sanity's Arte! Finally the generic Abyss endpart shows up (Screenshot [2]): The upward scroller!

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip--
Crashes68040: major graphic flicker errors (try without SetPatch and CPU NOCACHE);
68030: better switch to CPU NODATACACHE or 68020


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