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Released December 27, 1995 at The Party V
ranked #13 in the 40k-Competition

40 kb

--Release Description--

Indifference was released at The Party 1995 in Fredericia, Denmark as the first intro Spin did for Abyss. It was ranked only place #13, although it should have gotten a better place as many sceners admitted.


Additional DesignClue



Text pages 1*1 Rotzoomer Flower animation Raster tunnel
[1] - Text pages
[2] - 1*1 Rotzoomer
[3] - Flower animation
[4] - Raster tunnel

--Production Description--

Indifference was, as far as I remember, the only vector-free intro at TP5, it features nice effects like the 1*1 rotzoomer and some new innovative effects, such as the flower animation, which is in deed not an animation (remember 40k!), and the raster tunnel, ofcourse all running at full frame rate. The design between the effects is also worth mentioning... so you better check it out now, if you don't have already.

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB ChipFast


2 entries

"Indeed, the 13th place was indeed not adequate for this neat intro. Well, basically the remaining competition was about \"best geforce or cyboman 2\" clone..", Azure, <no email>, 2001-12-16 04:46:02

"das ist schön!", noname, noname@haujobb.de, 2001-10-25 00:57:13

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