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Released December 27, 1996 at The Party VI
ranked #4 in the 40k-Competition

40 kb

--Release Description--

Damn! was released at The Party 1996 in Aars, Denmark for the 40k Competition.


Design, Resourcing, RemixingSpin



Env Mapping Env Mapping Env Mapping Env Mapping
[1] - Env Mapping
[2] - Env Mapping
[3] - Env Mapping
[4] - Env Mapping

--Production Description--

In "Generation 22"-diskmag by Artwork, Rokdazone and Azure of Artwork claimed, that Abyss stole the whole code of the effects from "Dawn" (Artwork) and "The Gate" (Artwork) and said that the Abyss Productions "Vertigo" and "Little flOOve" were only remixes of those Artwork-productions. True is, that we used Azure's Chunky2Planar routine, but nothing more. So this intro is kinda ironic release to show how a "Dawn-Remix" really would look like. So Spin/Abyss resourced the Dawn-4k intro, designed it with nice background patterns, music by Pink, cute colors and spline-movements. This shall show you what is possible to do with very good code (by Azure).

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip + 4MB Fast--


2 entries

"Yes, this is a nice one. I really enjoyed it :) Just remembered the story again. I wonder how many productions actually used code from dawn. I remember some, where ripped code was used in a less subtle way.. Btw. the full source can nowadays be found at http://come.to/amiga", Azure, maybe, 2001-12-16 04:42:02

"the follow-up article by rokdazone was very funny to read since he had no more ammo to shoot. well done, abyss ;)", noname, noname@haujobb.de, 2001-10-25 00:55:23

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