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--Return of the Space Cowboys--
Released November 1994 at COMA-Party '94
ranked #1 in the 40k-Competition

40 kb

--Release Description--

Return of the Space Cowboy was released at the COMA-Party '94 at W.O.C. in Köln, Germany. Seemed that the intro won the competition as it was the only one that worked on the competition machine whose diskette drive was some kind of screwed up. Visitors of this party will never forget our release as the organizers turned up the volume to such a level where your ears got
blasted listening to Pink's chip music.


Code, Digitizing, Cutting, PostprocessingBartman



Part 1 Part 2
[1] - Part 1
[2] - Part 2

--Production Description--

The intro features 4-color 3x3 pixels resolution animations taken from Jamiroquai's video 'Return of the Space Cowboys'. We decided to do that as nobody did it before in a 40k intro. The end part is taken from Artcore 8-)

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip--
Crashes68040: timing totally screwed up;
68030: seems to work most of the time


1 entry

"I like this demo a lot,but maybe that\'s because I like Jamiroquai a lot.You\'re great! :D", Mugriento, mecago44@hotmail.com, 2001-05-07 16:23:15

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