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Released July 1996 at The Summer Party '96
ranked #2 in the 40k-Competition

40 kb

--Release Description--

Extra was released at The Summer Party '96 in Aalborg, Denmark. Due to the low amount of visitors (seemed to be no more than 200) lotsa competitions were cancelled and the prices were 'lowered' 8-). So when Extra was ranked #2 (out of 3), we won 1 Coca-Cola towel, 1 Coca-Cola bag and 1 Coca-Cola t-shirt. The #1 winners from Bizarre Arts/Artwork additionally won 1 Coca-Cola watch and 2 more Coca-Cola t-shirts. Prices you can only dream of!!!


Code, flOOveBartman
Music, Design, Textures, ObjectsPink
Abyss LogoJCS



Picture in Mainpart by Toxic Endpart (Abyss generic upward-scroller)
[1] - Picture in Mainpart by Toxic
[2] - Endpart (Abyss generic upward-scroller)


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--Production Description--

Extra may also be called 'Artcore II' as the design is some kind of follow-up to the 40k-Intro 'Artcore' released at Assembly '94. It does - like the predecessor - feature a split screen with 2-plane bitmap zoomers. Effects are specialized on bump-mapping, which seems to be 'in' these days, so we decided to include 2d bumpmapping on the 'Abyss'-logo. Bump- & Phong-Mapping, Texture- & Phong-Mapping and Bump- & Texture- & Phong-Mapping. The picture drawn by Toxic is shown with a ripple-effect, but that's not really worth mentioning. Of course the generic Abyss endpart is not to be missed. It's the same cool upward-scroller as everytime. Do not forget the fabulous AHX-tunes by Pink/Abyss!

--System Requirements--

Memory2MB Chip + 2.5MB Fast--


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