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--Midas Player--
Released June 1997

Midas Player 1.1cd for Win9x/NT 81 kb

--Release Description--

Version 1.1cd: This version has been done for the latest module cd-rom by the guys at ftp.cdrom.com.
Midas Player for Windows '95/NT 1.0 was released at Symposium/Mekka '97 held in Fallingbostel, Germany.




--System Requirements--

OSWin95/98/NT 4.0--
SoundcardWin95/98/NT compatible--


8 entries

"I've tried Midas player 1.0 for a while... and i think it is the greatest player for windows...", Thomas Eriksson, brummelufs@hotmail.com

"Thanks for Midas, it's great! I've tried other stuff but it ain't nothin'. I will recommend it everywhere I can as the no. 1 XM player for Win.'95", Guido Flohr, flohr@ziekenhuis.nl

"Nice job on designing Midas '95!", Justin Thrall, wthrall@plainfield.bypass.com

"I would just like to say THANK YOU for making Midas 95. I have recently become a MOD fan from Mod4Win and Cubic Player. However, Midas 95 beats them all with SIMPLICITY!", Don J. Thorpe, thorpedo@aros.net

"Just want to congratulate you on a program well done. My search for a good Win95 module player is over!", Mark McIntyre, Mark4@compuserve.com

"Achjo ... der Der Media - Player is echt ne feine Sache , weiter so Saubär", Skindiver, andreas.schwarz@x3network.net

"First of all I think I should say that Midas 95 is truly excellent, IMHO. [...] I've been waiting all this time for someone to do it for 95. Finally it's happened. [...] I found it last weekend and it's been in constant use since. I'm sorry if this is a bit of a bummer to read, but hopefully you'll be pleased to hear that I'm now a _big_ fan of Midas95. I'll be looking out for the next version.", Derek S. Thomson, D.S.Thomson@hw.ac.uk

"Just wanted to write and say thanks for writing a great mod player for Win95. I had to switch from Amiga to PC last year, and never found a decent mod player until now. I especially appreciate the fact that it's not several hundred k as most PC crap is!", W. Allan Hudgins, Allan.Hudgins@USask.CA

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