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(c) 1997 by Abyss

last update: 26-Nov-1998

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26-Nov-98: AHX v2.3d-SP3 released (complete release)


V2.3d-SP1 - July/September 1998

Done the MC-68000 Version of the Editor!!

Now there're .ADF/DMS images available for UAE/Fellow so you get AHX running on yar p133+

Fixed the CursorMovement bug (didn't save the option and the prefs dialog was obsolete)

Fixed the playingTime Counter. THanx to Kyzer for reporting this (and other) bugs(s).

Added L-Amiga+Return to display the 4 tracks given in the Position-Editor's current position!

V2.3n - April 1998

The so far last version of this great production... now we take on the pc-replayer! ... BUT still you may contact us for any reason (ideas, bugs, etc.) WE DO NOT SAY THAT >>AHX<< IS DEAD!!

Added the E1x/E2x & EAx/EBx cmd. (fine volume/period slide up/down)... use the online help for more information.

Also been adding the E4x cmd. on request (set vibrato depth value (override pList's vibratoDepth).

Added Pink's external Prefs program (which will be executed if the internal one does NOT work (for whatever gadtoolsbox's reasons is).

Added the long-awaited SCREEN-MODE-REQUESTER .. REALLY!!! Big Thanx to Rawstyle/Lego my old buddy for giving me the source part, as I'm so outta time that I couldn't even code this one by myself :) (screenmode-changes will only be visible next time you execute AHX (so quit and reload AHX!)

Added the fabulous cursor movements (c-64 style ruuuuulez)!

New colors by Pink added! If you want your very special version, just grab a screenshot, change the colors, email me the IFF and I'll do your very own special version!!!

V2.1n - November 1997

The DeliPlayer is now noteplayered, which means you can now enjoy the wonderful (mono-, quadra-)scopes or whatever genies and it can be played on soundcards!

Fixed some (minor) bugs in the replayer and optimized it a bit, also added returning of subsongs in ahxInitModule and added playing-time support! Also some other technical-player-stuff has changed! SO USE THESE BINARIES!

Added the Bang routine, which is simple to play some instrument on any voice for fx in your productions (shoot-fxs, whatever)

V2.1f - October 1997

A little bugFix (that's the f in v2.1f !!): you couldn't use F1 to F5 in the instrument editor anymore to select the current edit-octave! Thanx to freQvibez/Offence (Wo bleibt Deine Unterhose?!! *grmpf*) for reporting this bug immediately!!

Also forgot to update the v2.0 in the ScreenBar to v2.1 (miiiinor bug)

V2.10 - October 1997

ProTracker Import built in (just "Load Module")

Replayer is now 68000er FIXED!!! (yes, MULS.L/DIVS.L CAN be done on 68000 as people told me, so i finally fixed it :-)

AHX-DeliPlayerII doesn't precalc the filterwaves anymore when playing an AHXv1.x tune.

Implemented Patternjump-Forward/-Backwards in replayer (so AHX-DeliPlayerII is now able to jump forwards/backwards!)

Fixed Alt/Shift/Ctrl-F3/F4/F5 for Instruments (Cut/Copy/Paste): Refer to the .guide help file (now you can seperately cut/copy/paste the instrument w/o pList or just the pList... .guide!!!

Fixed HardCut in Deliplayer (gave an enforcer hit!-reported by Buggs of the EaglePlayer developer team)

Binary-Player didn't switch back to single-speed after 2/3/4x speed AHX was played.

Couldn't correctly InitModule twice the same module, as the song id was overwritten...

pc conversion (of the replayer) coming soon!!!! yezzzz, heard right... but AHX still mainly is AMIGA, WHAT DID U THINK .. eheheh pc suckz boys.:!:. (p.s. for editing use UAE :-)

fixed a bug in "Save AHX-Module" (Track 000 empty recognition checked 1 step too much e.g. 65 notes instead of 64 notes for track 000!)

Now switching off rastertime-display when AHX screen is in back (Thanx to Juice/Phase^D for giving me the information on how to do that).

No more querying bit 6 of $bfe001 in the about window (on request).

Built in "Optimize..." for optimizing (mainly pt-imported songs). Check it out, nuttin' to write about, it'll kick out double tracks and then kick out tracks that aren't used.

V2.00 - August 1997

now you can slide (square and filters) beginning out of the specified range (e.g. you won't have to set the filter (standard=32) and can specify a range between 48 and 63---AHX will slide from 32 up to 63, then down to 48, again up to 63, down to 48 and so on. Same goes for square (but you have to set the beginning value, which means that c-1 3 320 400 with lowerlimit set to e.g. 48 and upper limit set to e.g. 63 will work now!!!)

YEP!!! you read right!!! i mentioned filters !! *large grin* refer to doc for more about this fab thing!! and DO NOT FORGET to precalc them ONCE using the menu topic in the Project menu !!!

If you tried to load a non-AHX tune, the file hasn't been closed

VUMeters, Preferences, CPUUsage display, double-/triple-/quadruple-speed cia-player (use sparingly, will eat much rastertime!-field left to voice0's track-nr.)!

cmd $d patternbreak will now allow a parameter (refer inbuilt-help)

YEP!!! you read right!!! i mentioned help !! *large grin again* press HELP to get the inbuilt-help and SHIFT-help to get open the AmigaGuide Help on WB.

added hardcut finally! refer doc...

fixed that "period wraps around" problem.. if you played an C-5 instrument with C-2 in the tracks, that makes C-6 at all, and in different AHX releases this sounded different (also in the deli/binary-player what people wrote me!). Now the note gets cut to B-5 always!! Note to cut the notes to B-5 was my fault (i only cutted the final audioperiods to C-1 -> B-5) BUT TO TRY TO PLAY AN C-6 WAS YOURS!! Note: Do not try to play A#5 or B-5, as amiga-audio hardware won't do it correctly (freq gets too high!) so do not play filtered noises anymore with a#5 (use a-5, please!)

V1.27 - December 1996

Now finally challenged lazyness and managed to implement: ctrl-b/c/v/i (mark/copy/paste/insert)

Track Editor (PosEd already worked) ctrl-k (kill to end of track)

Track Editor Ins'ing/Dragging Positions now available (sorry stargazer - now it's there)

fixed that pList trashing when hacking the wrong key in fx1/fx2

Now 100% compatible with vbrun300.dll emulation (whoo-haa! :-)

Forgot in v1.10 to mention (in history file) that ctrl-b/c/v/i in posed already existed some time ago before 1.10!

Shift-F3/F4/F5 Cut/Copy/Paste Track (same as in pt :-) + Ctrl-F3/F4/F5 Cut/Copy/Paste Track-Commands now implemented! (using two different buffers for track and track-commands!!)

Alt-F4/F5 Copy/Paste Instrument also worked before v1.10 but wasn't mentioned, sorry again for that fellows...

Now CTRL can be used in combination with Backspace/Enter likely to Shift to Drag up/Insert Effects (not Notes+Effect only Effects; track ed+instr.ed)

Now you can Inc/Dec current position in posed with CTRL-Up/Down in tracked!

Implemented Swap Voices (same as in pt, CTRL-T)

EditSkip for Tracks/PerformanceList included (seperate editskips, ctrl/0-9)

Fixed the bug when loading a tune containing 0 subsongs the subsongtable wasn't reset.

Implemented the 3 keys right of ..7890 (depends on your keyboard!), which will (in combination with left-alt only when cursor's at the note-field) copy down and decrease/copy down and increase/copy down the effect from one step above (once again 100% pt-compatible!!)

EC/ED and PositionJump Commands should be fixed now (PosJump sucked in DeliTracker and EC/ED in AHX itself! NEW DELIPLAYER + NEW BINARYPLAYER!)

V1.10 - October 1996

Now AHX workz fine on every monitor-type as I'm now finally using a CIA-Music-Interrupt instead of that Vertical-Blank-Interrupt. BIG thanx must go to K-P Koljonen, the genius!! coder of HippoPlayer (k-p@kalahari.ton.tut.fi) who sent me the cia source (which had 1 bug)...

The keyboard-bug (the qualifiers lamiga/lalt etc. stuck and so by pressing only q AHX quit!) is now "fixed". the bug appeared e.g. if you switched the AHX screen to back using l-amiga m (AHX got a lamiga down) and switched it to front again using the depth-gadget (with mouse) so AHX still thought the l-amiga key was pressed!! if there should still be any problems, write me pleeze!

Now you can save more than 127 tracks (up to all 256 as it should be :-)