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(c) 1997 by Abyss

last update: 24-Nov-1998

contacting us | frequently asked questions | known bugs

You may contact us for the following reasons:

Send us your latest AHX-tune(s) and/or production(s).

* Check if it's not already listed in the Tunes/Productions pages.
* Send any AHX-tune(s) and/or production(s) to Dexter.

Tell us how cool AHX is 8-)

Ask questions about AHX.

* Read the FAQ first!
* For technical questions mail Dexter.
* For questions concerning musics mail Pink.
* For questions concerning this WWW site mail Bartman.

Report bugs in the current AHX version.

* Read the list of known bugs first!
* Report any bugs to Dexter.

Please don't contact us for such reasons as:

"Please send me the AHX tune <...>"

"Can I have the AHX source code?"

"I'm no musician and won't use AHX, but I want <...>", etc... If you're not a musician, please don't waste your time requesting any features like 16 channels, hi-res screens, screen-mode requesters or tell us that if you load 20 commodities, there is a graphical bug in the menu bar. This may sound harsh, but Dexter has other things to do than coding the whole day on AHX, so if you're not planning to make music with it and just criticizing around, please refrain from doing such inquiries. Our goal is to bring you a music editor that's easy to use and powerful and not to implement thousands of features nobody really needs (we are _not_ Microsoft!)

Why does this WWW page look so much like shit?
Get yourself a decent browser. The AHX Homepage has been approved for both IBrowse 1.12 and Netscape Navigator/Communicator. You are most possibly using shit like Voyager or Microsoft Internet Exploder.

Why does the note I enter appear on all 4 voices?
Because you enter the note into one track and when starting AHX, all 4 voices display track 0. In the position editor you enter what track to play on what voice, you can if you want play your bass-line e.g. on 2 voices (left+right channel) if you want, your decision.

Why is there no 68000 replayer?
There is one! Check the latest AHX archive and you'll find it.

Why is there no 68000 editor?
There is one! Check the latest AHX archive!

Will the AHX-Editor be converted to my super-duper multimedia PC?
a) For who? Who'd use it?
b) The editor is totally written in 68020+ assembler, who would want to convert that on PC?
c) No. (But never say never again)
d) Well, use UAE or Fellow on your PC (btw: did I already tell you that PC sucks? -Dexter)

Why does it take that long to start up the AHX-editor?
Most probably you have a slow cpu. AHX pre-calculates some 400kb of pre-filtered waveforms. This operation isn't noticable on a fast processor like 68030/50 MHz (almost). If you think it takes too long to do the precalc, you can use the menu item "Save Waves to Disk". The next time AHX starts up, it will load the waves from disk rather than re-computing them.

Does it take up more cpu time when I make heavy use of the filter effects?
No. The filtered waveforms are all pre-calculated. But if you intend to use your tune in an intro/production where you don't have time for pre-calculating the waves or don't have space for the 'enlarged' player, you should refrain from using filter effects in that tune.

I don't like the palette from the AHX-editor!
a) Use a promotor and change the colors.
b) Make a snapshot of the AHX-screen, edit the colors in DPaint or Brilliance and send 'em to us. Maybe we'll include them in the next release! -No joke, DO IT!

The flashing colors are crazy!
If you think you're suffering epileptics from those colors, turn them off in the menu or the preferences requester!

Why are my AHX-tunes so big in size (compared with the included songs)?
Songsize depends mainly on the number of tracks you use (Number of positions is not very important). Try to cut down the track-length to 16 or 32. This will save a lot of space because you can arrange drum or bass tracks normally without a lot of change.

Sometimes some or all voices get muted in AHX Editor or the Delitracker-AHX-replay. Why does this happen?
AHX avoids to reset the sample offset in the audiohardware when playing a instrument. Resetting the sample-restart will produce a small 'click' that doesn´t hurt when you use 'normal' samples. When using small synthetic waveforms this small click is really annoying. So AHX sets the sample offsets only once at the beginning of the replay and then never again. When another application uses the audiohardware (e.g. DisplayBeep()) the sample offsets will be changed and strange results or muted voices will occur.

Will the AHX-Replayer be converted to my Win95 system?
Yes. Get either WinAHX or WinAHX for WinAmp!

Have you a tool to convert PLAYSID files into the AHX format? (I listened to many AHX-Tunes that I know from the C64)
No, dumbhead. This is technically not possible. Everything you heard that sounds like an original C64 tune was of course recomposed. If you are really anxious about converting a SID tune and if you are too stupid to do it without any help, try the tool SID2MIDI, although results are reported to be huge MIDI-files and poor quality.

Where can I get a AHX-replay code for Assembler/BlitzBasicII/AMOS ?
Assembler and BlitzBasicII are directly supported and included in the AHX-archive. An AMOS replay can be found on the Aminet, also there's a E-Module and C/C++ support. Contact Dexter for further information.

Where can I get the AHX-source code (for any reason)?
Nowhere. Dexter decided to make neither the editor- nor the replayer-source code public (for some internal reasons). But if you need some special cut-down versions of the replayer or some other modifications, don't hestitate to contact Dexter (he HAS alread made such cut-down versions!).

Musicline-Editor (Mled) has much more and much cooler effects than AHX!
a) If you don't like AHX, use Mled.
b) The real reason for this is that Mled's replayer code consumes some 90% CPU usage at 4 voices with a standard 68020 + fast-mem. You'll never be able to include such a time-consumpting replayer into one of your demo-/intro-productions.
c) Mled's replayer isn't free!

Why did the (deli-)replayer crash with my tune? (v1.x)
You probably used an instrument that doesn't exist. Remove all those references from your tracks! Anyway, this bug IS fixed meanwhile.

Why doesn't the preferences window open?
On some configurations (especially when you boot without startup-sequence) the system functions called to create and open the preferences window don't work correctly. This problem is being investigated (it's a problem of GadToolsBox). Till then, adjust the preferences with the menu and select "Save Current Configuration". It may also help to install some patches like MCP...

I want to rip AHX tunes out of productions! How can I do this?
Either wait for us to release the tunes (we always do) or you use the AHX-Ripper included with the AHX package.

I don't like AHX's user-interface! I want a high-res screen! I want HAM8! I want a screen-mode-requester! I want 16 voices! I want support for my Bontempi-Heim-Orgel!
Fuck yourself! If you're serious about making decent synthetic tunes, use AHX and don't bother about some unimportant shit! We get most of those questions by people that aren't even musicians and don't intend making music at all... You can then write a mail to: Robobert.

Bug: In very rare cases there are strange noises instead of the instruments. Classification: Harmless. Solution: Stop and restart the replay.

Bug: The Load-Instrument button in the Instrument editor makes AHX hang. Classification: Dangerous (if you haven't saved). Solution: Avoid this button (or install requester-patches that make it work!) - It's already fixed and works in the new version (v2.3 - out soon)