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Released December 27, 1996 at The Party VI
ranked #16 in the Demo-Competition

1021 kb

--Release Description--

Downtown was released at The Party 1996 held in Aars, Denmark.


Main CodeBartman
Texture Mapper, Bumproll, Voxelspace, 3d-Blobs, Music, 3d-ScenesPink



Cityscape Bumproll The Balls Endpicture by JCS
[1] - Cityscape
[2] - Bumproll
[3] - "Gebissene Töle" by Cyclone
[4] - The Balls
[5] - Endpicture by JCS


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--Production Description--

[description coming in the distant future].

--System Requirements--

OSMS-DOSNo Windows 95
CPU80486Intel Pentium (133 MHz)
Soundcard--Gravis Ultrasound


2 entries

"the preview off this producktion seems to be very nice I know your group producktions an greets to cyclone.. shy shy hehe nice day for for", wave, NilsHelmberger@gmx.de, 2001-06-01 16:55:46

"Somebody went a bit overboard on the PHP eh??? lol.. Very cool", m3d_karma, josiahavery@hotmail.com, 2000-10-15 01:37:15

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