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(c) 1997-98 by Abyss

last update: 26-Nov-1998
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Latest version released is 2.3d-Service Pack 2 (10-Nov-98)
Latest WinAHX Version released is 1.0
Latest WinAHX for WinAMP Version released is 1.0
Latest TunesPack released is tp03

AHX is a protracker-like music editor that was designed especially to create C64-like synthetic tunes. There is no support for sampled instruments as chip tunes are made to be as small in size as possible. So an average AHX tune has a length of about 200 bytes - 5 kbytes (unpacked). All waveforms of the C64 are supported: Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and White Noise. Also Hi-/Lo-Pass filtering effects are supported (ring-modulation is hopefully to come in AHXv3). Check out the News/Updates-Page for the changes in the current version!

Finally the 68000-Version of the Editor is out (BIG THanX to Buzz/Maniacs for giving me the source of his hacked 2.1-000er version-it helped a lot!)

Fixed some minor bugs and added some little features. Refer to the History file please.

Fully Protracker keyboard-compatible track editor featuring variable pattern-length, single-voice patterns, Protracker-Module-Import and Optimize-function.


Powerful synthetic instruments-editor featuring all C64 waveforms as triangle, sawtooth, square and white noise.

Instrument-specific apreggio-/macro list featuring fixed/variable notes.

Player features: square modulation, vibrato control, note slide, transpose, hi-/lo-pass filter, hardcut, multiple speed CIA, 68000-compatible, supports using your own cia for multiple speed modules now!

Full multitasking- and graphics board-support. (Runs on CyberGraphix, etc.)

Built in AmigaGuide help; internal help system to explain all commands etc.

VolumeMeters, CPU-usage display

AmigaOS-compliant: uses ASL- and Intuition-Requesters.

Fully controlable via keyboard, no long mouse-movements needed.

Player for Delitracker (using DeliTracker's NotePlayer system) shipped.

Binary-/Assembler-/BlitzBasicII-Player for your own productions included, AmosPro-Player, E-Module and C/C++ Module available (see Productions page for links).

The Track/Position-Editor
This is where you can edit your patterns and the order in which the patterns are played. All keyboard commands are compatible to Protracker. New is that one pattern now contains only one voice, so you don't have to copy/paste continuously repeated drum-sequences etc. Due to this the position editor is a little bit more complex than in Protracker, as you now can edit the pattern and transpose value for each voice seperately. AHX also supports sub-songs and variable pattern-length. Volume Meters and CPU-usage display. Now it's also possible to double, triple or quadruple the replay-speed (CIA mode only) to get much cooler effects (which also costs lotsa cpu time!)

The Instrument-Editor
This is where you can edit all parameters of the current instrument, including instrument arpeggio/macro list, waveform, vibrato control, square- and filter-modulation, the well-known ADSR envelope, hardcut control.

The Preferences-Requester
Many people requested a preferences editor, so Dexter finally implemented one. You can now set the default songs and instruments directory, VBL/CIA-IRQ, Allocation of audio channels (via audio.device), pt.font in file requesters and the colors of the Volume meters, cursor and rastertime display. *THE BUG* That the prefs-requester doesn't work on some configurations is NOT my fault, it's GadToolsBox's fault. The prefs routines will never be rewritten due to leck of time! Anyway Pink's extern prefs-exe is included, and after using this once, the intern prefs do also work, weird, but that's it. Check it out.

AHX is the abbreviation for "Abyss' Highest eXperience" (if you missed that one). AHX is free, there's no shareware fee and you may use the player at no charge or fee in any non-commercial production. Anyway, if you'd like send Dexter something nice, anything you think he deserves for creating AHX! If you plan to use any AHX-tunes in commercial productions or public broadcasts, contact one of the authors (Pink or Dexter). Commercial usage without the prior written consent of the authors of AHX will cause in legal prosecution! The only thing we ask you, is to send us all your AHX-tunes and/or -productions. Of course this is no obligation, it'd just be cool...

AMIGA (with Harddrive, 68000 / 68020)
AYS-A233.LHA: AHX v2.3d-Service Pack 3 from abyss.moving-people.net

AMIGA (no Harddrive, 68000)
(this section is currently not available, it may return soon)

PC (MS-DOS/Windows 95)
For WinAHX for Win95/NT and WinAHX for WinAmp 2.0+ please visit the WinAHX page!