The Summer Party '96

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Here are some additional snapshots from The Summer Party 96, Moon/Abyss provided us via e-mail. Although this pic is a little small, you may(!) (perhaps with a magnifying lens) recognize Alloy/Abyss at the left side and Dexter/Abyss sleeping in the right corner. The photo was taken during the trip from Hamburg, Germany to Fredericia, Denmark in an IR (InterRegio) from Deutsche Bahn AG 8-)
I think this gigantic bottle of Coca Cola should still your thurst for quite a while. For the people who were at TSP96, they know, this pic ain't no fake, and the 'small guy' in the right corner is Dexter/Abyss... I think it'd be nice to have such a bottle in your room, but otherwise your room is most probably not high enough to hold it 8-)
Another shot of the train trip showing how you can utilize the small space a 5-people-coach gives in an IR... From left to right: Miroslaff, Bartman/Abyss (lying on the floor) and Dexter/Abyss sitting on the baby's chair /#}...
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