What has happened...
30.09.1998 Updated the the Projects page (HIMEX,VSPRITES) and
fixed some dead links. Expect soon some major updates.
19.05.1998 Updated the the Projects page with ROTR2 and 
01.05.1998 Added my 3rd placed XM-music from the MS98
in the download area.
03.02.1998 Added a link to UNZIP for AMIGA in the download area
27.01.1998 Added my ***-music from the ABYSS TP7
40k-intro "Cruisin" in the download area
22.01.1998  Updated HIMEX section at the Projects page.
Added Pretracker3.0 section to Projects page
Added BB2-Sprite-Multiplexer section to Projects page
08.01.1998  Added HIMEX-screenshots to Projects page
05.01.1998  Added Projects page
04.01.1998 Fixed links on the Friends page
31.12.1997  Added my TP7 music. Fixed some URLs in the download area
20.06.1997 THINK PINK is born