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(c) 1997 by Abyss

last update: 24-Nov-1998

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Although you may download and freely distribute all AHX productions contained herein, they are copyrighted by their respective composers. Prior to public broadcasting or use in commercial productions you should contact the authors.

Abyss: Klub Diznee #1 AYS-KDIZ.LHA (XXkb)
Description: Musicdisk with tunes from many guest stars (Geir Tjelta, Oxide, Stargazer etc.). Try to find the even more fabulous secret part (Pink tune + Dexter game!)
Abyss: Klub Diznee #2 AYS-KD2.LHA (XXkb)
Description: Musicdisk with all tunes from the 1st AHX IRC-Competition (1st place: Pink/Abyss!)
Abyss: Klub Diznee #3 AYS-KD3.LHA (XXkb)
Description: Musicdisk with all tunes from the 2nd AHX IRC-Competition
Abyss: Klub Diznee #4 AYS-KD4.LHA (368kb)
Description: Musicdisk with all tunes from the 3rd AHX IRC-Competition (AxelF-Compo)
Abyss: DisIsSid #3 - Getöse AYS-SID3.LHA (XXkb)
Description: The 3rd part of our DisIsSid-Series now featuring real AHX tunes. Enjoy real c64 feeling.
Abyss: DisIsSid #4 AYS-DIS4.LHA (80 kb)
*** NEW *** NEW *** NEW *** GRAB DIS ONE NOW *** AEHM GRAB DIS FOUR NOW *** NEW *** NEW *** NEW ** NEW ***
Description: The 4th part of our DisIsSid-Series and again featuring real AHX tunes by various elite AHX-Composers. Enjoy real c64 feeling.
Abyss: fROGGA! included with AHX
Description: You hate PCs. You need THIS ONE!
Abyss: DOS4GW.EXE included with AHX
Description: 2nd place at TP6. The first 4kb musicdisk ever featuring 4 real AHX tunes.
Abyss: Rise of the Rabbits AYS-ROTR.LHA (XXkb)
Description: From Symposium 32kB game competition. Placed 3rd. A dynablaster/wizard of war game clone featuring of course AHX music/sfx!!
Abyss: Extra AYS-XTRA.LHA (XXkb)
Description: 40kB intro 2nd place at TSP96. Featuring 2 AHX tunes by Pink. Great design.
Offence: Carpe Noctem OFF-CARP.LHA (98kb)
Description: A AHX-Musicdisk with complete C64-like design! Cool!!
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