Saturne Party '97

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Howdyhow, peoples! Again Bartman/Abyss brings you the stupidest poses of the Abyss Hardcore Party Posse directly from the Saturne 5 Party in Chelles, France. This first picture shows you the entrance of the party-hall. It was divided in two "seperate" rooms, the one with the giant bigscreen and another where the bar "Chez Robert" was located, where you could buy some Saturne T-Shirts for 70 FF (12$), Snickers/Mars, Coca Cola/Orangina and some house-made baguettes for 10 FF (1.50$). In front of the entrance you can see on the picture, there was a pizza trailer that was opened almoust around the clock and you could buy pizza. The entrance fee for the party was 150 FF (30$). We arrived as early as 08:00 in the morning and the party place was to open at 10:00, so we drove a few miles more to Paris until we finally found a McDonald's... It's really hard to find one in France 8-)
There were lots of street signs telling you the way to the party place, at least when you were close enough 8-) So when we came back from the McDonald's where you don't get any burgers or fries before 11:00, we ordered some McMorning menus... On the picture by the right you can see the entrance of the parking place beside the hall. At 09:30 lots of french people were already unloading their cars and dragging their computers along to the entrance. Due to the still cold weather, we were all freezing until the organizers finally opened the doors at 10:05. Everyone was pushing to be first at the registration.
This was the first peek inside the party hall when it still was closed. Nothing more to say to this picture, I got enough more, so we don't want this text to become an encyclopedia...
Now I want to introduce you to the crazy Abyss Hardcore Party Posse: On this picture you can see Pink/Abyss (left) and Wintermute/Interactive (right), whose car brought us to the party place.
This is Poet/Abyss showing us the latest in haute couture 8-)
Here's another shot of Wintermute/Interactive that was made while he was pissing 8-) so you can see this special expression in his face... only kiddin'...
That's me, the hardcore-party master Bartman/Abyss! giving you a super hardcore performance. Super crazy stupid poses only from Abyss hardcore party posse!
Our car-driver and pc-supplier Crow/Interactive. He managed to get us to and from the party place without a single accident 8-)) No, let's be serious, he's a really good driver...
You can see here a very neat picture of the main party hall taken from the upper balcony by Poet. In the upper left corner you can see the video projector. It's really the best we ever encountered on our many party trips (The Party, Assembly, etc.) Although you can't identify anything when the sun was still shining, the picture was incredibly sharp when it's dark... So no way for graphic artists to cheat by drawing pictures with 4 colors and make them look like 16.7 million colors.
Another cool picture of Poet/Abyss. But I don't remember whose fingers that are...
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