Mekka + Symposium '98

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Welcome to our Mekka&Symposium 1998 Party photos/report! This is way the coolest party ever, so be sure to read/view on! On this photo you see Dexter/Abyss in his room, trying to get his network card out of his PC... This is merely more than a stupid test photo, but again... it's stupid!
This is Poet/Abyss who's reading some magazines the day before we rode to MS98... Me (Bartman) and Wintermute were coding/modelling like crazy, but he seems to be quite happy relaxing 8-) Sure, and the best thing on this photo is the blue ball... You probably know that stuff...
This is a view of the opposite wall of my room, where Wintermute is working on his computer to get our Captain Future PC-demo finished (or at least more finished than before)..
After several hours of working we finally got to get sleeping... On this photo it's again Wintermute..
Poet also seems quite happy with the sofa in my livingroom... Now we got some hours of sleep to get ready for MS98!
Wintermute is already waiting at the car; all of our stuff has been put in the trunk, so we're ready to go!
Shit! Seems we missed a McDonald's where we wanted to breakfast... It's just strange that we came across 4 or 5 McDonald's but they were all on the other side of the highway 8-((

This is how it looks at several places on German Highways... half-finished lanes and lotsa traffic jams...

So we had to get some rest at a restplace... Take a closer look at the innocent big trashcan at the right...
Now it's got an Abyss-sticker on it 8-
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