Mekka + Symposium '97

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Yohoo, dudes, this is again Bartman/Abyss bringing you the stupidest pictures from Symposium/Mekka 1997 held in Fallingbostel, Northern Germany. This time it's less text but more and bigger pictures (as you can probably see on the left side). I'd like to apologize for the quality of the pictures in advance. I used the "Photos on disk" service provided now at many photo labs, but the result was a 320x200x256 colors shitty picture in some unknown format. So I had to rip each of the 22 pictures with a resident screen dumper. This picture shows Pink/Abyss, out musician and coder of "Rise of the Rabbits" and "Pretracker" during our journey from Munich to the Party (some 700km). He got up at 5 o'clock so he's still a little sleepy and wants to snooze in the car.
Yes, if the colors of the scan would have been more accurate, you could see the beautiful sky. It was like some totally crazed out weather. Five minutes you have a nice shiny sunny atmosphere and then you think heaven's coming down to strike upon you 8-) It wasn't that cool driving with a heavy-loaded car on the highway with 170 km/h if there's storms out there that may let you think you got into the movie 'Twister' (yeah, maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but I didn't have to drive anyway 8-))
This is the bigscreen of the 'Heidemarkhalle', that we found after driving 3 times through the whole town. They are currently showing the 'suprise movie' - "Godzilla das Urmonster" whooha, nuttin for me...

The screen wasn't that bad overall, just during day time you couldn't see that much because of the sunlight shing through the partly transparent ceiling of the hall.
That's Abyss-area at the Party. At the left most hand you can see Cyclone's full-stickered monitor, Spin's A1200, some microwave dishes, toastbread and - more interesting, Pink/Abyss (in the front), Spin/Abyss (behind Pink) and dRm!/Abyss at the right side.
That's an overview of the hall with some 750 people doing shit in it. Nuttin more to say... except: the space between the tables was extremely small so you sit there doin' nothing or watching a competition and every minute some ass fucking lamer guy want through and you gotta stand up and make room... But people will never ever forget my "Klebe-Performance" at the end of the party 8-)
Another view across the hall and what's the only thing you see rising above from the tables? PCs 8-(( Because Amigas are kinda smaller.
This is a view of the front table where Chaos/Sanity, the Oxyron coder from "Trapped" and the Artwork people were sitting. It's just across the Abyss/Interactive table! The videocam was used to digitize party people that were later added to the Oxyron party demo where the hall was converted into a 3d dungeon...
Seems that it is true: Gateway 2000 bought Amiga Technologies. Go take the letter and zoom it and read it, nothing more to say!
Attention! Now it's reality! The aliens invaded Symposium/Mekka! So please don't ask me who the hell that guy is, I don't know, but you can guess, could be either Pink or Cyclone I think...
This is a front view of Cyclone's Amiga monitor and Spin's A1200: What you should see on the monitor is the Abyss logo from the Winner 40k intro "Diskobox" by Spin, Cyclone and Pink. If you don't believe it, enhance your imagination or try Photoshop 8-)
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