The Party VII

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Howdy! Bartman/Abyss again on the keys to bring you some hardcore stupid poses from The Party 7, Aars, Denmark, 27-29 Dec 1997. This is where the journey all started for most Abyss members: In Munich, Southern Germany. What you see in the picture on the left is the map of the public transport in munich. I could tell you where I live, but you won't find it on the map, because the quality of Pink's digital camera is way too low... Up next are some photos of people traveling with our Party-bus, that has been organized by Weasel, and it was really cool.
This is Wintermute/Interactive: He provided us with a Nintendo64 during the Party, that really ruled as we played Diddy Kong Racing with 4 players against each other or Yoshi's Story Book, although it was quite hard if you don't understand japanese language 8-)
On this photo you see Weasel, our bus-organizer; okay, seems to be a really stupid camera perspective, but you know, only we bring you the stupidest poses... No, seriously, he did a damned good job, we had a 4-star-bus (some 50 seats) with air condition, a wiener-grill, coffee-machine, vcr, toilet, soft drinks and friendly bus-drivers. It really rules watching 6 hours of "Kalkofe's Mattscheibe" (Germans should know that), "Braindead" or orher cool movies...
This is Dexter/Abyss, who turned 20 at 27-Dec-1997. He coded the Amiga 40k-Intro "Cruisin'", which later came #2 in the Amiga Intro-competition at TP7. I still hear him saying "I don't wanna code that shit, it's not gonna be cool anyway", well maybe he was right, but at least he made some money 8-)
That's Sunny, the only female scener in our bus; and I don't think there were that many on the Party either. So she was a kinda attraction in the bus and at TP7. That's, at least, what I saw. If you want to get in touch with her (whatever reason), visit #amigascne on Ircnet and look for nughtygrl_.
Poet/Abyss, the world's best coder (TM), took a self-snapshot; Pink's camera has a 180 rotatable objective, so you can do such crazy stuff... Although he did not release anything for a long period he told me that he wants to do something for Symposium 1998. Till then you can call him Mr. Quake!
This guy is called Pete if I'm right, and he made the famous C64-CD-ROM-interface, where you can connect your CD-player or Discman to C64 and load lotsa games or demos from CD with Turbotape-speed... If you want to know more, come to Comparade 1998 (16-18 Jan 1998 in Emmering, Germany). He's also (like myself) very enthusiastic about Pentium computers. Already at last year's TP6 he and I shouted out "Pentium" loudly when there was an extremely bad effect in the PC competition - something like Turbo Pascal code (Starfucker by Bad Sector) or a filled cube or other shitty stuff...
Another party attender from munich: Zeg; although he doesn't do any releases, he collects all demos, intros, modules, graphics, etc... and I think he's already got some 6 gigs of it (he doesn't know exactly either). He has also the most hardcore Amiga configuration I ever saw: A4000, 68060, 128MB RAM, Toccata, Cybervision, Wacom Art Pad, ... He also got an Silicon Graphics Indigo (180 MHz, 192 MB RAM), as he says, only for MP3 encoding 8-))
And now for some scene elite: from left to right: TTS/Oxyron, ???, Azure/Artwork, Antibrain/Bizarre Arts. Most of them also traveled in our Party bus. TTS released a 40k intro called "Suicide" it came #3 (if I remember right), Azure did a 4k-intro called "Wave" that came #1...
Here is a view from inside our party bus, somewhere throughout southern germany, but don't ask me where exactly, doesn't matter either...
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