The Party VI

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That's Magic Toon, I really don't know what to write 'bout him, so you'd better skip to the next 8-) picture real quickly.
That's Pink's favourite picture: Peter Andrè, the best singer (!?) of the world. We like especially his duets with Boyzone. This is a picture of an actual poster that has been pinned on a wall at The Party... Okay, we're really glad we made that picture, because there were so many people around that poster we had to kick them all away from the poster to get a glimpse on it. You can see how many fans there were. Just look at the stickers and the drawings on the picture. They're real, not faked... If you want a high resolution picture of that poster, do NOT write to any of us, but only to a lunatic asylum. If you have not got it by yourself till now, this is all a joke and for entertainment purposes only.
As always, we took our microwave with us to The Party together with some delicious 'Maggi' lasagna, 'Hühnerfrikassee' and 'Kassler Ripperl'. On this photo you can see Dexter/Abyss preparing his food to be heaten up by 850W. Ofcourse, he'd rather liked to put his head in, but you know about that security option of the microwave: You have to close the door before it starts to fry 8-)
"Dexter phone home!"... Yes, there are phone booths at The Party, where Dexter/Abyss had to phone to his supervisors to get clear whether he should drop a bomb on the Party building or not /=}...
YES! YES! YES! There is an ALDI in Denmark. What you never dreamt of came true. Cola for minimum money with minimum taste... yes, roolez!
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