The Party VI

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Only we at Abyss bring you photos with the stupidest poses of Abyss members and other people. So this one shows Bartman/Abyss (left) and Poet/Abyss (right) making stupid things in the Party VI Bus (from Munich, Southern Germany to Aars, Denmark). The trip started at 26th, December at noon. Still 18 hours to go, lotsa time to do shit. You try to sleep in a bus, it's really damned cool 8-)
This is Wintermute/Interactive catched by Pink's camera. He seems to be a little bored, too, as the video player in the bus fucked up and played every movie at twice the original speed... So you get 'Braindead' like a Charlie Chaplin slapstick movie 8-)
This another extreme stupid view of Bartman/Abyss (that's me) currently licking on his gigantic ice-on-a-stick in the Bus. Yeah, it rools eating ice when there's an outer temperature of about -15°C, well but why not? It's times better than those ugly oily french fries at highway fast food restaurants, and cheaper!
That's the advantage of those new digital cameras: You can rotate the view by 180 degrees and take a shot of yourself... That's what this smiling person did... It's Pink/Abyss, our most famous coder of the world (oops, think that's the wrong text)... No, if you don't live in the deepest jungle of Australia, you know he's the famous musician who invented AHX... He also went around at The Party and took those pretty snapshots.
Whoo-ha! No doubt that's the stupidest pose of Dexter/Abyss anyone could imagine. He's the coder of AHX and if you don't like that, you may use this image and load it into "Power Goo"... No, seriously, he also did the new Klub Diznee and won together with Pink the 3rd place at The Party 1996 4k-Compo with the world-first 4k-AHX-musicdisk DOS4GW.EXE.
Yes! You recognize that picture for sure. But: It's not taken from any lamer's monitor, but from The Party's Big Screen. Okay, it was a really big one and the quality wasn't that bad, but as every year, they totally messed up the whole organizing stuff. The Party network didn't work for hours, and as they finally managed to connect to the Internet at the second last day, the transmission speed was incredible: 34 bytes/sec. The graphics competition was messed up as they didn't manage to show all pictures, so they repeated the whole (!) competition with 104 pictures later...
Another view of the big screen, from a little farther point of view. The big waiting between the wild competition entries (connecting hardware etc.) was finally getting even worse: The PC demo compo got infected by three viruses, so they continued to show more of the 37 (!) wild demos, from which 22 were pre-selected. Then they showed all 32 (!) PC demos, including such brilliant fucking bad productions like "Starfucker" from "Badsector"...
Oops, seems kinda hard to recognize the people on Pink's photos... So if I'm right, this is Cyclone/Abyss, our fabulous graphic artist... He painted pictures for Abyss in productions like "Vertigo" or "Downtown". He even brought his own toaster and took part in the graphics competition with his picture "Mach hin du Gaul"...
I'm sorry, but I really don't know who that guy is... Well anyway, a good view across the hall...
Another view of Cyclone/Abyss with his "Zipfelmütze" 8-)
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